Born during the Coronavirus pandemic, Lone Ranger Healthcare is a company focused on offering quality healthcare products & medical devices. We are working with some of the leading brands in the world to provide products and solutions tailored to meet the needs of the Indian audience. 

As a global company, we source the products from various parts of the world, and help create a market for such products via Indian hospitals (government & private), pharmaceutical chains, labs and retail counters, right from seeking various permissions, registration process, govt testing procedures, licensing, etc.


Lone Ranger Healthcare began its journey after witnessing a huge gap in the Indian market for quality healthcare products for a competitive price. Thus, our mission is to promote premium quality products, which are tried and tested, at competitive prices. We use online mediums and our networking partners to allow the products to have the maximum reach at the fastest pace. 

India imports more than seventy percent of medical devices from abroad. As we move ahead, we will soon be manufacturing medical devices. We have agreed to introduce at least four products within a couple of years in the Indian market from our facility in Noida, UP  in a Joint Venture with Tempus of South Korea. This technology transfer would allow us to produce top notch quality products and take advantage  of the various opportunities provided by the Indian government to promote Indian Manufacturing as well as being very price competitive.


We have a highly motivated team with more than ten years of experience of sales of medical equipment in the Indian Industry . Our team interacts with customers including doctors in hospitals performing surgeries and are aware of the requirements in the market due to their personal and close interactions with them. Our marketing team also works closely with various distributors, retailers and hospitals making them aware of our products and their benefits


We offer our products to the consumers through websites and our networking partners. Our Sales Team is a 7 member dedicated team working round the clock with networks across hospitals, labs, etc. 

Our websites include our Direct-to-Consumer website and various portals like GEM, which facilitates procurement for the Indian government, and various other leading ecommerce websites. 


We work with various partners across the globe to source the absolute best products for the Indian Market .

After the sourcing is done, we use out various networks to promote the products. 

Our Sales partners continuously look for venues to push the products, and use various marketing events & activities to boost the sales in our domain.