One Q Copper Based Virus Breaker Face Mask South Korea

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One Q Copper Based Virus Breaker Face Mask South Korea:

One-Q Anti Viral mask is easy to breather and has excellent sterlizing powers.

Copper Multipuspose Anti bacterial fabric

The worlds first micro current antivirus mask has US FDA Certification.US & German research  shows that micro current kills viruses.

One-Q mask is made by applying nano-fusion wire technology of silver & copper.As soon as the virus hits the mask, it reacts to death.

The mask manitains 99.9% sterlization function even after 100 washes.

  • The effect of sterliztion starts as soon as the bacteria touch the surface of the mask by wrapping the entire mask with copper ion bonded fibre
  • Steel wall Anti Bacterial wrapped with non -woven fabric with 20 percent copper added
  • Effect of copper non -woven fabric strong enough to pass electricity 

The colour of the mask is because of special copper non woven fabric

Antiviral CU Effect

  • Continously eradicating infection causing bacteria & inhibiting differentiation & division of bacteria
  • Naturally safe material, the most powerful & non toxic human friendly anti bacterial material
  • It is a semi permanent material that can suatain antibacterial activity even after repeated wear & tear due to moisture & drying

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